The Most Common Difficulties in Students Math Assignments

What are the common math difficulties? Albeit being interesting, mathematics is considered one of the most challenging subjects by young students worldwide. In fact, a recent study suggests that 37% of younger students aged between 13 and 17 find math to be a difficult subject compared to other subjects.

So if you’re struggling with math, this article is going to outline the most common difficulties of the subject to help you determine how you can work things out.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Attention Problems

Unlike other subjects, math involves using specific formulas, following the right steps to find a solution. This means that if you don’t follow the right steps then you will end up missing the answer to the question. There are no shortcuts in doing math assignments. Well, of course, many students ask who can do my math for college, and get help online. This means that students must stay focused during math classes to grasp concepts as they are taught. Unfortunately, some mathematics procedures are complex hence some students end up losing focus during the lesson. This makes them miss important math concepts and procedures hence they end up struggling when trying to find math solutions on their own.

Some students suffer from attention disorders. Attention disorder otherwise known as ADHD is a type of illness that makes students drift off during math classes making them not follow the teacher’s instructions.

Lack of Practice

You’ve heard it: Practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, most students don’t spend enough time practicing mathematics concepts. Due to laziness or lack of time, some students don’t spend more time reviewing certain areas they don’t understand.

Another problem is that some students feel that they understand math concepts to the extent they don’t practice but when it comes to solving a problem on their own, they are left wondering where to start. Some students will feel more confident during a math lesson but when left to do an assignment independently, they struggle to find solutions. Math requires a lot of practice and patience. Tutors can try to identify areas that students struggle with and help them to improve.

Unclear Basic Concepts

Another difficulty faced by students in math assignments is unclear basic concepts. Students lack knowledge of the basic concepts. To arrive at a solution, students are required to follow a step-by-step procedure. A misstep can lead to a wrong solution. Students who lack an understanding of basic concepts end up struggling with math assignments.

Another thing is that math is always built upon previous concepts. For instance, students will start by learning how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide two figures, then move forward. Those that don’t get the concept from the onset end up struggling later during assignments.

Complex Teaching Methods

As stated above, math is a complex subject. That means that teachers need to adjust their teaching methods to accommodate all students regardless of their understanding abilities. Teachers need to use simple teaching methods that are easy to understand. If the methods of teaching are complex, assignments become too difficult for students.

Learning Disabilities

Aside from being a complex subject, some students struggle with learning disabilities. For instance, students with a condition known as dyscalculia struggle with numbers and arithmetic. This means that they find it difficult to recognize numbers or match them well.

What do you struggle with during math assignments? Would you mention your difficulties with math assignments in the comment section?